Cultivating, Benefiting and Supporting

accomplished African-American males and their communities

A Message From our Sire Archon, Marc Loupé.

Thank you for visiting the website of the Beta Upsilon Boulé. Our San Francisco-based fraternal organization represents the national organization, Sigma Pi Phi. The original founders had proclaimed an aspiration to creating an organization for the purpose of binding men of like qualities into a close, sacred, fraternal union, that they may know the best of one another, and that each in this life may to his full ability aid the other, and by concerted action bring about those things that seem best for all that cannot be accomplished by individual effort.

As you peruse this site, we hope you will appreciate the value of our local organization. We will continually update this site for the express purpose of assisting our members and our connected community to be more valuable to our society.

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